“I came back to Utah to get away from Hollywood.” – Mike Lookinland

Time for a change? Time to get out of the rut, step away from the towering steel structures and see the sky? Time to pack it up and move it out? If that’s how you’re feeling then have I got a suggestion for you; Salt Lake City, Utah. Yup, that’s what I said. Move yourself, your family, your desire to see the sky, the mountains to Salt lake City and discover one for the most underrated place in these United States.

For families, singles, sportsmen, outdoor lovers, tech moguls, up and coming tech masters, Salt Lake City offers so much variety and activity that it cannot possibly be under rated for much longer. The time to come here is now. I moved here twelve years ago and I can safely say, there’s something new to discover all the time. So, for those of you thinking of moving here, I offer these 22 random reasons to live in Salt Lake.

You’re Hired

There are roughly 29,000 job openings currently listing in Utah as I write this article. According to Glassdoor, that number keeps rising. Work is easy to find and unemployment is at a very low 2.9%.

Teach Me to Your Leader

There is currently a massive tech company growth in Utah. Boasting a 77% growth in high-tech jobs and a 20.9% in middle tech skills jobs over the past 2 years.

Why Thank You

A friendly place to live and play. Travel and leisure magazine just named Salt Lake City the #2 friendliest city in the nation.

Take a Powder

Utah has the greatest snow on earth. Soft powder, 4 world class ski resorts only a 30 minute drive out of Downtown Salt Lake. Skiing in Provo Canyon, Park City, Ogden. A total of nine ski resorts on the Wasatch Front.

Good Standards

It’s very affordable to live in Utah. There are still starter homes at $200,000 and the cost of living is 33.44% lower than in New York. You only need about 3,668 dollars to maintain the same standard of life that you have with 5,3330 dollars in Los Angeles.


The restaurants and variety of foods available are insane. From high end to street food you get it all. Red Iguana, Ruth’s Diner, Crown Burger, Red Rock. Valter’s, you cannot miss. American, Korean, Chinese, Sushi to Barbecue, there is something for every taste. Yes and vegetarians too.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Little need for Joe Friday or Johnny Law in the low crime, wide, clean streets of Salt Lake. It’s a very safe place to raise a family. In 2106, Utah ranks 9th in the safest states in the US.

Game Time

If you like sports, we have sports. The Utah Jazz, Salt Lake Real soccer. The Salt Lake bees, triple A baseball, college sports, the holy wars …there’s enough sports action going on here all year round.

Now Landing

With the largest Delta Hub In the west, Salt Lake International Airport makes it easy to get in and out of the state. Not only that but the always growing light rail system makes it simple and cheap to get to and from the airport to downtown and the ski resorts. Did I mention there is great skiing here?

dancing-in-utahBring on the Night

Piano Bars like the Tavernacle. High end Cocktail spots like the Red Door. The Depot for concerts, Vivant Arena for pro Basketball, Concerts at Gallivan Plaza to the 1.5 billion dollar City Creek Center, there is plenty to do when the sun goes down.

And the Oscar Goes To

You want film? We have Sundance, the biggest indie film festival in the country. Don’t stop there, live theater like the Utah Shakespearean Festival for classics and family friendly entertainment. The Pioneer Theater Company in Downtown Salt Lake is a beautiful regional theater producing first run Broadway shows Like Sting’s The Last Ship. Theater and film abound.

Welcome Brothers and Sister

If you’re a member of the Mormon church well, this is basically your home base.

All Aboard

Leave the car at home, save the environment and enjoy the views. With an award winning bus system, Trax, the ever growing light rail and the new FrontRunner commuter rail, getting in, out and around the city is a breeze.

Roam Free

There are five, yup count ‘em, five national parks in Utah. Hike, bike, paddle, sit and breath in one or all of them. Year round natural splendor for the outdoor lovers.

Getting Warmer

For you scuba enthusiast, we have the Crystal Crater the only warm water scuba spot in the continental United States. Deep, clear and waiting to be explored

Educate Higher

Top notch school like The University of Utah and BYU offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in so many subjects you could go to school for a long time and never learn all there is to offer.

reason-to-move-to-utahEquality for All

Salt Lake boasts, welcomes and embraces one of the largest LGBT communities in the country.

The Schwinn City

A very bike friendly city. Bike lanes, a public bike rental program and well as the first city in the US to have protected intersections specifically designed for cyclists. Bring your helmet and bike the city.

Where the Buffalo Roam

In the middle of the great Salt Lake is Antelope Island, 42 square miles of bike paths, beach fronts, no cars, buildings or burbs will be seen. What you will see are birds, antelope and herds of free range bison.

Lend a hand

In the past ten years, Salt Lake city has reduced the number of homeless by 74%. Giving homes to the needy and jobs and raising money in special donation meters around the city, the homeless situation is addressed, not ignored.

Grab a Bucket

For chicken and history lovers, Salt Lake City s the home of the nation’s first KFC. Still serving.

Cup O’ Joe

Salt Lake has a perky coffee culture. With places like Jack Mormon, Nostalgia, The Coffee Garden, Publik as well as the Ol’ standby Starbucks, you can have a cup of joe i your hand any time you want.

Hops to It

Sure, I know the rumors, no one drinks in Utah. Not true.There is a very robust and vibrant beer culture here. With great local breweries like; Uinta, Epic, Red Rock, Squatters, Desert Edge just to name a few, from stouts to Pilsner, you can easily get your beer on.

That’s twenty-three and so, I think I’ll stop there and let you digest for a bit, trust me that’s only skimming the surface. See what I mean by under rated/ There so much to do see and so many good reasons to just be, here in Utah, I cannot image it stays the sweet secret that it is for very long.


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