Life, my friends, is strange. What lies inside some of the abandoned storage units across America, is representation of our collective strangeness. From mothballs to oddballs, here are the 6 strangest (and most valuable) things found in abandoned storage units. Enjoy!

1. The storage unit who loved me.

Looking for some luck, a Long Island man put in the winning bid of $100 for an abandoned storage container.

On first look, nothing much seemed to be in there, just a few old blankets and sheets. On closer inspection, it turned out that under those sheets was a car, and not just any car.

This was the Lotus submarine car from the 1977 James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

the spy who loved me car in storage unit

The kicker is that this man had never seen a James Bond film before and had no idea what he had. It was only driving home with the Lotus submarine loaded on the flatbed of his truck, that a passing stranger informed him of his find.

The car was purchased by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, in 2013 for an impressive $966,560. Not a bad return on a $100 investment.

2. Mustang Sally.

Keeping with the rare vehicle theme, another one was found in 2011 in Kansas.

Mr. Bill Fair was a court appointed attorney charged with the task of cleaning out the contents of a storage units.

Inside one of the units, Mr. Fair unearthed under mountains of mess, a 1966 Shelby Mustang. The car had been stored for 26 years and was impressively in near-perfect condition.


There were only 1,100 Shelby Mustangs  ever made and the exact value of the vehicle is undetermined. Similar cars have sold for as much as $2 million.

3. Super Storage.

Hollywood is a weird place. And Nicholas Cage, is the prince of bonkers.

After cementing his place as one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, Cage started spending. Really spending.

Here is a list of some of the wacky things Nicholas Cage ACTUALLY purchased.

  • Two albino king cobras
  • A 67-million year-old Tarbosaurus skull
  • A private island
  • A haunted murder mansion
  • A pyramid
  • You get the idea!

It was one particular purchase by Cage that makes the list of the 6 strangest things found in abandoned storage units.


In 1997, he purchased a 1938 first edition Action Comics book featuring Superman on the cover for $150,000.

In 2000, this comic book along with others was stolen from his home. All the other comic books were later recovered, apart from the 1938 first edition.

It was not until 2011, that an unidentified man purchased the contents of an abandoned storage unit in California, and inside was the missing comic.

The comic was returned to Cage, but having recently filed for bankruptcy (see the list above for the reason why) he put it up for auction. The comic ended up selling for $2,161,000, helping Cage to pay off his $13 million dollar debt.

4. Enough to make you vegan.

This tale is one of the strangest.

Having recently purchased the contents of an auctioned-off storage unit, a Mr. Shannon Whisnaut stumbled upon a barbecue smoker.


It was summer, the weather was perfect for a bbq, so Mr. Whisnaut towed the smoker home, after stopping off for some of his favorite cuts and a six-pack.

Meat prepared and marinated, drinks ice cool, Mr. Whisnaut was ready to cook a feast. But there was one problem.

Upon opening the smoker, he was surprised to find that inside was a human leg wrapped in tin foil. He promptly called the police, and they located the original owner of the leg and the storage unit, Mr. John Wood.

This is where the tale gets even more bizarre.

Mr. Wood wanted the leg back so he could eventually be buried with it, but Mr. Whisnaut refused. He had other ideas.

Mr. Whisnaut was a strange man to say the least, and wanted to charge people admission to see the leg inside of the smoker. A televised court battle eventually took place, with “Judge Mathis” ordering in favor of the original owner.

5. Close the door on your way out…oh..wait.

storage unit burglarBeing an opportunist on the wrong side of the law,  Mr. Ronald Dennis of St. Joseph, Missouri, came up with the bright idea that a local storage unit facility would be an easy target.

On one Saturday night, Dennis decided to make his move. He managed to cut the lock of a storage unit and step inside, closing the roll-up door behind him.

After seeing that the unit didn’t have the jewels he dreamt were there, he went to leave. But the door had other ideas, jamming, trapping him inside.

It wasn’t until the next morning, that a security guard making his rounds heard noises coming from inside the unit.

He called the police, and they promptly arrested Mr. Dennis. Making him the only burglar ever to be found locked inside a storage unit.

6. Storage & the Bandit.

storage and the banditBurt Reynolds has an interesting reputation for being somewhat of a hoarder of his own movie memorabilia.

His condition, along with his impressive portfolio of leading man appearances, led Burt to the decision to store all of his collection in a storage unit.

For some strange reason, Mr. Reynolds failed to keep up on his storage payments, so his memorabilia was eventually actioned off.

Inside the unit, was every storage hunters dream. The weird and the interesting. Stuff like:

  • The canoe from Deliverance
  • A Smokey and the Bandit toy car
  • A full-size horse carriage built by Dolly Parton
  • A chair made entirely out of hockey sticks from his movie Mystery, Alaska
  • A bill of sale for beloved horse Trigger, who once belonged to Roy Rogers
  • The last can of Stick ‘Em adhesive used by former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff
  • Letters and photos from friends and co-stars
  • The list goes on…

In fact there was so much stuff in there, that bidders later got together and opened up Burt Reynolds Friends Museum in Jupiter, Florida!