the anchorage moving guide

Thinking about moving to Anchorage? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the area in our handy Anchorage Moving Guide!

Quick Anchorage Moving Guide

  • Plan your move from May to early October.
  • If you are coming from the lower 48 states, and you’re considering buying furniture, kitchen appliances, or outdoor recreation equipment, these often cost less than in Alaska.
  • Depending on the time of year, your belongings may experience very low temperatures. Make sure the moving company you hire can control the temperature of the environment you are moving in.
  • Keep in mind that your belongings are going to be traveling a great distance. So double and even triple wrap your fragile goods.
  • If you arrive in Anchorage before your new home is ready, store any sensitive and fragile belongings in a climate controlled storage unit.


The average median household income in Anchorage is 79,045, above the average Alaskan income of $72, 237.

The average median household income increased by 36% from 2010 to 2013.

Here are the typical annual salaries for a variety of professions in Anchorage:

Occupation Typical Annual Salary
Registered Nurse (RN) $60,678
General / Operations Manager $70,017
Operations Manager $70,017
Civil Engineer $77,073
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) $200,00)
Project Engineer $80,609


The top four schools in Anchorage are, in no particular order,

  • Goldenview Middle School(public): 15800 Goldenview Dr
    Anchorage, AK 99516
  • Northern Lights Abc K-8 School(public): 2424 East Dowling Rd
    Anchorage, AK 99507
  • Bear Valley Elementary School(public): 15001 Mountain Air Dr
    Anchorage, AK 99516
  • Aquarian Charter School(charter): 1705 West 32nd Ave
    Anchorage, AK 99517

Here is how Anchorage education statistics compare to the U.S. averages

Education Anchorage United States
Expend. per Student $15,697 $12,435
Educ. Expend. per Student $14,505 $10,495
Instr. Expend. per Student $8,206 $6,405
Pupil/Teacher Ratio 20.4 15.3
Students per Librarian 508 803
Students per Counselor 464 513
Grade School Educ. 2.83% 6.05%
Some High School Educ. 4.83% 8.23%
High School Educ. 23.26% 28.24%
Some College Educ. 28.1% 21.29%
2 yr College Grad. 8.22% 7.7%
4 yr College Grad. 21.09% 17.88%
Masters Grad. 8.07% 7.43%
Professional Degree 2.28% 1.96%
Doctorate Degree 1.32% 1.22%


Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, with a recorded population in 2014 of 301,010. Accounting for over 40% of the entire population of Alaska.

Despite what you may presume, Anchorage is a very young town. The average age of a resident is 32 years old, and one quarter of the population is under the age of 18.

And as you probably predicted, there is room to move in Anchorage! The average population density is 177 per square mile. So say goodbye to crowded sidewalks, traffic jams, and long lines at the store. Anchorage has plenty of room.

Things to do

northern lights in anchorage alaskaAnchorage has more than 50 glaciers! The most popular is Portage Glacier and it’s the city’s number one tourist attraction. It’s someone everyone should see in their lifetime.

Another natural wonder that the people of Anchorage are fortunate enough to witness every year is the great Northern Lights. The best time to see the Aurora Borealis is during the fall and winter nights.

Every March, dog sledding teams from around the world meet in Anchorage for “The Last Great Race On Earth.” The teams race over 1,000 miles of frozen lakes. Everyone comes out to see this race, and it’s a a great cause for celebration.

Time to sharpen up on your snowman building skills. Every February, the most talented snow sculpturists compete in Anchorage for the Fur Rondy Snow Competition.

The people of Anchorage are very physical and outdoor pursuits are a huge focus of the town. Running events are in abundance here. There is the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, the Moose’s Tooth Marathon, the Skinny Raven Half Marathon, and of course the grueling 49k Ultra.


The climate in Anchorage is very unique. Between March 19th and September 23rd, Anchorage gets more sunlight than anywhere else in the lower 49. Outdoor pursuits can continue well past 8pm, and golfers can be seen teeing off as late as 10pm at each of the three 18 hole golf courses in the city.

On the 21st of June, Anchorage has 22 hours of functioning daylight. Yes, 22 hours.

On the other end of the spectrum, daylight hours in December are around 5 hours.

Here are the monthly average hours of daylight and temperates:

Month Temperature Hours of daylight
January 20 f/-7 c 8:16 hours
February 26 f/-3 c 10:34 hours
March 34 f/1 c 13:10 hours
April 43 f/6 c 16:20 hours
May 54 f/12 c 19:55 hours
June 63 f/17 c 22:00 hours
July 65 f/18 c 21:36 hours
August 65 f/18 c 17:41 hours
September 57 f/14 c 14:25 hours
October 43 f/6 c 11:34 hours
November 31 f/-1 c 9:01 hours
December 22 f/-5 c 5:28 hours

Did you know?

outdoor adventure in anchorage alaskaThere are nearly 100 languages spoken in Anchorage.

Named the #1 most popular destination in Alaska.

The biggest draws to Anchorage are the clean air, clean water, and the average 18 minute commute.

Anchorage has 3 ski areas for snowboarding, skiing, and all the fun pursuits you can have heading downhill.

The big one is Alyeska in Gridwood. There is also a volunteer run area north of Anchorage called The Arctic Valley Ski Area, and a small hillside run named Hilltop.

Summers are of course amazing, with round the clock light.

You can ski to work in the winter if that’s your thing.

If you have a good working vehicle, it’s a good idea to bring that with you when relocating, as vehicles are more expensive than in the lower 48 (a term you will soon get used to !)

Don’t forget, if the winters get too much, there are some very convenient direct non-stop flights to Hawaii!

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