Salt Lake City Moving Guide

Whether you move here for the ‘greatest snow on earth’, the affordable living, or the blossoming tech scene, you need to be prepared.

Here is your essential Salt Lake City moving guide.

Quick Moving Tips.

Moving permits are not required in Utah.

If you’re planning a day to move, make it Sunday. Historically, the majority of shops are closed on Sunday, and the town is much quieter.

Before you move to Salt Lake City, be sure to fill out a change of address form with the USPS to make sure you continue to get your mail when you arrive.

The summers in Utah are HOT, so if you plan to move in the summer (July is typically the hottest month) be sure to start early and bring plenty of water. The best months to move to SLC are April and May.

Cost of living.

There has never been a better time to buy real estate in Salt Lake City. The median price for a home in Utah is $199,000. This might not exactly sound like rock bottom prices, but the city and the state is growing rapidly, and it is considered by many authorities to be a sound financial investment.

Rent for an apartment in Utah is approximately $875, but in Salt Lake City this is higher. Depending on where you choose to move in the city, you can pay as much as $1,400 per month. The rent becomes cheaper the further south you move, with some apartments in Provo being offered for $700 per month.


Salt Lake City works on a grid system which makes navigation of the city simple, once you get to grips with the concept. Most roads on the grid system increase in intervals of 100, moving from 100 South to 200 South, etc.

The average traffic congestion in Salt Lake City is 13%, below the 20% average for large metropolitan areas.

There is plenty of public transportation in Salt Lake City and Utah in general, staring with the Utah Transit Authority extends from Provo (45 miles south) all the way to Ogden (40 miles north).


Utah has one of the highest literacy rates in the county. Here are the top 5 elementary schools in the state, of which Salt Lake City has 3.

  1. Fox Hills Magnet School (Salt Lake City, UT)
  2. Morningside Magnet School (Salt Lake City, UT)
  3. Cleveland Elementary (Cleveland, UT)
  4. Canyon Crest School (Provo, UT)
  5. Bonneville School (Salt Lake City, UT)


When you think of Utah, you think snow. After all, “The Greatest Snow On Earth” is written on the state license plate. But the summers are warm, possibly warmer than what you are used to. During the month of July, temperates average between 85 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


The unemployment rate in Utah is 3.5%, making it one of the best in the nation. More and more tech companies are coming to Salt Lake City because of its culture of growth, high start-up density and low cost of living. Not to mention that Utah ranks forth in the nation in well-being! What’s not to love?

Fun Salt Lake City Facts.

  • Seven world-class ski resorts are minutes outside of Salt Lake City.

  • Go celebrity spotting every year at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City.

  • Remember when Will Smith punched the alien in ‘Independence Day’ ? That will filmed just outside of Salt Lake City on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

  • Every summer you can watch FREE movies in parks all across Salt Lake City.

  • Salt Lake City has the best classified website in the country. is where you need to go to find every bargain imaginable.

  • Every year, Salt Lake City hosts the ‘Twilight Concert Series’, an outdoor series of concerts during the summer always featuring great names in music.

  • Fry sauce. Don’t ask, just try it!

  • The farmers markets are all year long in Salt Lake City. Not just in the summer.

  • Salt Lake City is home to the very first KFC.

  • Salt Lake City is bike friendly, with over 150 miles of bike lanes.

  • Everyone is ridiculously friendly!