If you are looking to create more space in your home by moving a few extra items into storage, it may be wise to consider the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit.

Many places in the United States, experience periods of extremely high or low temperatures, fluctuating humidity, and precipitation. These natural elements can produce unwanted ware and tare on some of our most valuable stored items.

A climate-controlled storage space will keep out the elements and will help protect your most delicate items. They remain a comfortable temperature even when the elements are most brutal outside. Photographs and books will be kept cool and dry, electronics will be save from damp, sticky humidity, and precious antiques will be kept from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion in metals, or warping and cracking in wood that can happen in areas with varied hot and cold temperatures.

Many people choose a climate-controlled storage unit when their business or hobbies have outgrown the available spaces in their homes. Sensitive photography or musical equipment can safely be stored without worry of damage. Pieces of art, self created or purchased can be stored safely to maintain the value of the pieces. Some people even use the units as an extension of their home office, when things get a little too noisy at home.

There are many reasons to consider trying the climate-controlled storage option, but if you are storing precious cargo for a longer period of time, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Consider a climate-controlled unit if you need to store any of the following items.

Electronics and Business Equipment:
Hard Drives
Video Equipment
Lighting Equipment
Audio Equipment

Personal Treasures:
Wedding Photos
Antique Furniture
Home Movies
Winter or Summer Wardrobes

Hobby Supplies:
Music Collections
Musical Instruments